Wash and Fold

Drop off & Pick Up Laundry Service

Drop off your everyday laundry without worry, when you’re overwhelmed with work and family, let laundry be the last thing for you to worry about. We are here to make this simple and convenient, here is how Wash and Fold works. You bring in a bag of laundry. The bag is weighed, separated into lights and darks, then washed using high-quality professional detergents in commercial grade machines. The clothes are then folded and placed back into your Wash and Fold Express bag inside a liner.

Our Work - washing machines
Our Work - wash and fold

What can I put in my Wash and Fold Express Bag?

You may put any clothing items that can be washed and dried, as well as, towels and sheets. Wash and fold is not for hang-dry items at this time.

If a dry clean item should be accidentally mixed into your Wash and Fold Express bag, don’t worry, during drop-off, our team will ask how you would like this handled. If our team is unsure if an item is safe to wash and dry, you can choose to have us call you to decide if you’d like for it to be pulled for dry cleaning or just let us know everything in the bag you are comfortable with being washed and dried.

We are happy to clean comforters, rugs, and pillows for you, but they are not a part of the Wash and Fold service. Please do not include in your Wash and Fold Express Bag.

Wash and Fold Price

Pricing for Wash and Fold is determined by the weight of the bag. Your bag is weighed when it arrives. And we always round down to the nearest pound.  

$1.75per pound